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My name is Teresa. I am a mother, a daughter, a grandmother, a sister, a friend, a photographer and a doula. I love art, nature and everything true, good and beautiful. I’d much rather talk than text and I love spending hours in a restaurant with good friends. Childbirth has been my passion for as long as I can remember and I still shed a tear at every birth. My heart often feels bursting with joy about life and love. My favorite person is Mother Teresa of Calcutta and I have 3 namesake grand-daughters – Mary Therese, Anna Therese, and Teresita Angeline!

I have served as a doula most of my adult life for close friends and family, although I wasn’t familiar with the term until 1996. I then realized that what I was instinctively passionate about actually had a name. I decided to take the Dona Doula Certification Course and make it official in 2004. My birth experience which spanned about 30 years, paired with my photography expertise, allows me to offer a unique service to mothers, babies and their families. Supporting mothers in birth and capturing the moment…I can’t imagine anything more rewarding! 

How a woman births makes a difference in how she feels about herself. I love helping women find that marvelous place that leads to ecstasy and empowerment by making informed decisions, choosing the birth plan that works for them and offering the tools and support needed to accomplish their goals. Creating beautiful images of expectant mothers, capturing the precious moments of birth or photographing newborns, babies and mother with child are the most gratifying aspects of photography for me. 








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With all the natural challenges of pregnancy, women can forget how absolutely stunning they really are as mothers-to-be. Maternity photos capture the essence of that beauty, creating lasting memories for years to come. Every mother should have the opportunity to have quality professional images to commemorate her motherhood.
About Birth Photos
The moments surrounding birth are emotional, magical and wonderful. Birth photography actually transforms the most challenging moment into a memory and captures the ecstasy to be experienced over and over again. Your first glance at your baby. An intimate look between you and your partner. The first eye contact between you and your child. Anticipation. Joy. Gratitude. Wonder. Surprise. Relief. These are passing moments that you may not even recognize until you look back on your photos. The story of your birth is a priceless treasure to be cherished for generations.
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A huge thank you to Teresa Taylor for doing a beautiful job capturing the birth of Michela! Rory and I were blessed to have you there !!!!  ~ Britta

I have had 6 births and two of them were with Teresa as my doula. Having her by my side the entire labor experience was wonderful. She always seemed to know the exact thing to do and the right words to say for encouragement when labor became unbearable. She spent the entire time by my side and always anticipating what I needed next. She was indispensable. I would not want to go through another birth experience without her knowledge and compassion.  ~ Anne

I just want to share my experience with Teresa Taylor as my doula. I was pregnant with #8 and moved to Kansas. To my surprise, after 7 VBACs, I was told a hospital will not deliver my baby. I was crushed because all my others births were in a hospital. I met Teresa and she offered to help me at the birthing center as a doula. I had never heard of the term doula before. She confidently assured me that she was there to assist with labor, so I thought why not.  That was the best decision ever.  My labor was so manageable, pleasant and calm, all thanks to Teresa’s support, guidance and techniques. It was such a beautiful experience that when baby #9 was on the way, I asked Teresa again to help me. Again another pleasant, calm, and easy delivery. For baby #10,unfortunately Teresa was not available. I was frightened. But thanks to the techniques she had taught me in the past, my labor went well. Not as perfect as the prior two, but still was manageable. I highly, highly recommend Teresa Taylor as a doula, you won’t be sorry, she is just perfect in every way. ~ Linda